Squanderers ( 2013 - 2014 )


fter the excursion in photorealism that I took during my first year of master’s studies – Axis ( 2012 – 2013 ), I moved further into blending this style with elements of abstract and less accurate, sometimes messy, areas of dripping paint and gestural brushstrokes. On top of that I came with transparent layers depicting various metallic objects, cars, air duct pipes.

The idea was to alter the photorealistic representation, in the same way our own lives, that we strive to control and keep rigorous and tight, are constantly altered by the very nature of the world. Squandering is one form of manifestation of this phenomenon which makes us squanderers not by our own will or because we are not diligent enough. It is something that is actually unescapable, a built in feature of humans and humans only, since in our absence the concept of squandering has no meaning. I was actually revisiting the squandering theme, that I had already approached in my older project Squanderers and Squandered Objects ( 2012 ), with a shift in focus, from the wasted materials that are given a new life as art objects, to the representation of grey urban landscapes with no skyline and perspective, a result of our abandonment.

Stalker // no. 2 was selected to participate in the 2015 International Painting Biennial Chișinău.

All the works here are painted in oil on canvas, despite the fact that oil paints make gestural brushstrokes and leaking effects more challenging. Unlike in Axis, these works are all large, at least 100 cm in height and width.

“Squanderers” was my Master’s Degree graduation project.

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