Trans-Ego ( 2015 )


rans-Ego is the first project after I finished my master’s studies and, meanwhile, a continuation of both Axis ( 2012 ) (thematically) and  Squanderers ( 2013 – 2014 ) (stylistically).

This project is one step further away from photorealism than Squanderers was, although I am still using photographic images as a basis for the works. The approach is however more schematic, lighter, yet closer to neo-expressionism. I am revisiting here the body-fragment theme from Axis continuing to explore the idea of going beyond the face to discover the identity revealed by attitude.

Unlike the works in Axis and Squanderers, these works are acrylic on canvas. Sizes vary from small to (mostly) medium.

The project is not finished yet. What I am doing right now is to take some of the photos that I have used for Axis and reinterpret them using the stylistic approach in Trans-Ego. Eventually I am planning to assemble the two projects so that they will make the object of a single exhibition.

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