Entropomorphic ( 2014 )


ntropomorph is a word that I have invented. It means the shape of entropy. I must admit I could not find a better adjective than Entropomorphic to describe the results of my experiments with chemicals that shape the works presented here. Because this is actually entropy at work. It is letting nature do the hard work, and keeping only the directorial role for myself. So I did ”the casting” and by carefully guiding the interactions between ”the actors”, I reached some interesting results. This style should have been named Chemical Abstract, because this is what it is: experimenting with chemicals – solvents, alcohol, bleach, caustic soda, wood stains, bitumen, ”common earths”, chemical dyes, acrylic colors and inks. I preferred though to name it Entropic Abstract since I believe that the end result is more relevant than the means that I have used to reach it.

Therefore these works are far from being plain-vanilla paintings. The colors do not look how they were meant to. The canvasses are full of intricate structures, accidents, cracks and distorted colors. Nor is this a regular project. It is only a selection of the most relevant works in this series (whereas the rest of them are included in Gallery No. 1 – Entropic Abstract).

It looks almost like a child play, a well sought intermezzo in the neo-expressionistic 2014 (Neo-Expressionism) and a continuation of my gestural abstract (Abstract Expressionism).

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