Squanderers and Squandered Objects ( 2012 )


first take on squandering which I view as the most perfect embodiment of consumerism, in symbolic terms. A social theme that I have revisited in its sibling Squanderers ( 2013 – 2014 ).

The idea came to me when I realized that I end up reading or even viewing almost none of the publicity prints that I am constantly bombarded with, nor do I read most of the advertisements that fill up the pages of published papers and magazines, and so are doing many people around me. I thought that it is not very far fetched to assume that more than nine out of ten such prints goes practically unnoticed, let alone read or viewed. So it seemed a good idea to take such wasted materials and transform them in objects of art by painting directly on them. In a way, by doing so, they gain a new life, and an otherwise impossible to attain utility.

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